Luc's Bio

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In the late 1990s, before completing my arts degree, I chose to take as many courses as possible other than my major (Psychology) or minor (Sociology).  One of the courses in which I enrolled was Fundamentals of Visual Arts.  I quickly learned that representational art (i.e., sketching bowls of fruit or painting landscapes) did not come easily to me and after the course was finished I painted little and drew less.  The main reason for this was that many of the pieces that I completed (most of which were landscapes) started to look very much alike and I found little gratification in my work.  As a result, I ceased painting all together.

Fortunately, before I finished my degree, I enrolled in an abstract sculpture course.  In this course, I was challenged and enlightened by some of the concepts surrounding abstract art.  One of the greatest things I learned in regards to abstract art is to avoid subscribing meaning, if possible, to a piece of art.  Moreover, I learned to view an abstract piece and avoid thinking that it was supposed to represent something. Rather, I learned to feel the work and see if it stirred any emotions.


In the ensuing months, after I completed my degree, I would from time to time dabble in abstract art, using charcoal or conte or pastels.  These times were far and few between and I often did pieces when I was seeking to express myself in a way other than my usual means.


One cold Saturday night, several months later, I was at home, bored, and tired of wasting my time watching TV, and with nothing better to do, I broke out my acrylics.  I felt I needed to do something other than representational art, and so I decided to try to paint abstractly.  What then occurred is, in my mind, nothing short of divine intervention!  Not only did I achieve positive results, but I found that the art I created extremely gratifying.  From this point on, Ive never looked back.  I feel extremely blessed for my art.  It has surprised me, inspired me and awed me.

Luc T. Bouchard